Owning and Caring for Information
Cheshire East Council

Owning and caring for information within the public sector is a huge responsibility and it’s essential that it be dealt with in the right way.

When an information breach occurs, not only can the public lose confidence in a service, but the organisation can also face significant fines from the ICO and potential negative press coverage.

It was key for Cheshire East Council to ensure that all their internal and contracted staff were fully trained and knowledgeable when dealing with the sensitive information that they handled on a daily basis.

Working from Sheila Caulfield’s original group workshop and innovative board game concept, Onclick were tasked with the challenge to transform Cheshire East’s proposed training material into a fun, interactive and memorable elearning course that would engage their users, whilst arming them the right information for their job.

In line with the launch of their new Cheshire East learning platform, this programme was the first to sit within their “Sowing the SEEDS for Change” initiative.

Cheshire East had already developed an allotment theme concept for their board game and workshop approach and invested in associated promotional items.

They were keen to retain this “look and feel” within the new elearning modules and approach, what is often considered, the dry subject matter of “information governance training”, within a fun, playful environment.

Onclick based the elearning design on a “Trivial Pursuit” concept, asking users to visit each empty allotment plot in turn, learn facts and answer questions to collect crops and unlock the final quiz.

Traditional topics on “data security”, “storage” and “sharing” were all explained with bespoke gardening-related illustrations and imagery.

The animated gardener, introducing key topics and presenting scenarios, reflections and a host of interactions, guides users through the course material. The friendly robin, often flies in with helpful tips, hints and further signposting.

At the end of each allotment topic, the user is asked to complete a “quick quiz” to win their crops. The aim of the game is to grow their plant to the top of the bamboo cane by answering questions correctly. But, get it wrong, and the “greedy rabbit” appears munching at the crop and deducting points.

This course sat within their new Cheshire East Learning platform. Onclick were given direct access to this site, enabling us to install and set up all course elements with additional visuals for the client.

To assist in marketing this new course to Cheshire East staff, Onclick were also tasked to develop an associated animated, promotional video, design flyers, posters, event banner stands and create a new logo with brand guidelines for the whole SEEDS campaign.

This proved a fun and exciting project to work on that allowed our imagination to run wild. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Cheshire East team and creating an innovative product for their staff training.

Information Governance Poster
Information Governance iPad
Information Governance Flyers
Onclick Testimonial

Cheshire East have worked with Onclick to develop an innovative elearning product. Onclick were able to provide creative ideas and interpret our requirements concisely. This enabled us to develop the material quickly and deliver the elearning in an engaging way.

Keith Sutton

Programme Manager (Security), Cheshire East Council