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Mark Baldwin, our Creative Director talks about creating our Merry Quizmas in Adapt, and the 5 things he loves about using the tool.

What is Adapt?

Adapt is an award-winning open-source authoring tool, developed for producing responsive, multi-device elearning.

Mark’s top 5 reasons to love Adapt are:

1. Responsive Design
Learners are changing where and how they interact with online learning. As a result, there’s been a shift away from fixed layouts (designed for a specific screen size and resolution). So, content creators are turning to flexible, dynamic layouts that work across all devices, and the layout responds to each device’s screen size and browser.

2. Easy to Use
Adapt allows us to rapidly create exciting, professional learning for great user engagement at affordable prices for our clients. 

3. Theme Design
Using CSS, Adapt can be customised to look and feel exactly in line with the client’s brand, meaning we can create digital learning that seamlessly harmonises with their online presence.

4. Visual Media
As well being able to import customised images, our own photography and externally developed graphics and illustrations, we can also embed video and animation content to further bring learning to life. 

5. Interactivity
Adapt comes with a host of interactive, mobile responsive features that can be incorporated across any learning journey, such as narratives, hotspots, expandable tabs and quizzing. As on open source product, there is an active community of users sharing ideas and new developments to enhance the tool. 

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