bespoke digital learning

Our talented design and development team are giddy about digital learning.

Our mission is to deliver exciting online training that motivates users and really makes you stand out from the crowd.

Ditch those ‘out of the box’ solutions! We gain a deep understanding of your brand and values, and work closely with you to produce high quality, custom-made courses, unique for your needs.

instructional design

We “get into bed” with your subject matter and work in partnership with you to write short and snappy content, pitched perfectly for your audience.

Our team dig deep, conducting our own research and inviting focus groups to give feedback and add ideas. At the end, if we can’t confidently train a classroom on your chosen topic, then we haven’t done our job right.

It’s important to mix media and keep learners on their toes. So where possible, we like to inject real life scenarios, case studies, games and user interactions that put your content into context.

graphics & animation

Great content is only half the picture.

The key to engaging digital learning is identifying opportunities to deliver information in the most exciting and colourful ways possible.

With a wealth of experience in graphic design, we are committed to making content highly visual. We produce custom-made illustrations, transform complex information into clever infographics and develop additional publicity material to promote your course.

video & photography

Enriching digital learning with a mixture of custom-made multimedia, really makes us tick.

We do all our photography and professional video productions in-house. We can even help to design promotional videos to get the word out there to your learners.

Come and try our dedicated photography and video studio at Onclick HQ!


If you don’t have a online learning platform in place, don’t panic!

We can design, host and manage a dedicated site just for you.

Our learnzones are customised to your brand, offer secure user login, activity tracking and management reporting. We also run an online helpdesk for all of your users, so any technical queries come straight through to our team.

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