SLaM and King's Health Partners

As part of our hosted Dementia Training Centre platform, commissioned by Kings Health Partners, our client was keen to continue adding to their growing portfolio of free elearning courses.

Although existing online training within the site focused on new leading research and academic learning, this new project was aimed to provide a more basic introduction to dementia for clinical support workers at SLaM.

Basing the structure on academic and research-led elearning courses previously written for the Dementia Training Centre, we worked alongside the Head of Nursing to produce introductory material, in a format suitable for their Clinical Support Worker target audience.

We were keen to keep modules short and to the point, allowing learners to study in bite-sized pieces that worked well alongside their busy job schedules.

Our aim was the make the material as visually and emotionally engaging as possible, integrating real-life case studies, opportunities to reflect, quick quizzes, top tips for managing challenging behavior and helpful coping strategies from fellow staff.

We designed with a colourful, inviting palette, used bold graphics, natural photography and symbolic icons to mark key topics.

Material was structured with multiple branches so that learners could create their own learning path and investigate further into extra learning content as desired.

Dementia Awareness
Dementia Awareness
Dementia Awareness

This programme provided an easily accessible, fun learning resource for SLaM’s Clinical Support Workers, students and new staff.

If you are interested in a version of our “Dementia Awareness” elearning course for your NHS Trust, please get in touch with our team for a full demo:

Dementia Awareness
Dementia Awareness
Dementia Awareness
Onclick Testimonial

Dennis and I have had a great experience working with the Onclick team on this programme. The team have provided us with invaluable guidance and endless encouragement around the content and format of the programme and as a result of their skills the end result is a user friendly, easy to navigate elearning resource which staff have told us they have found both, “informative and enjoyable”.

It’s been a real pleasure to work with Onclick and the outcome is fabulous.

Lynne Carroll

Interim Head of Nursing, Older Adults Inpatient Services, Mental Health of Older Adults & Dementia, SLaM