HEART UK are the UK’s only cholesterol charity, providing support, guidance and expert information for the public, health professionals and media outlets.

Following delivery of a series of webinars during lockdown, HEART UK instantly saw the value in investing further into digital delivery of their valuable training.

To further support and educate healthcare professionals; ensuring patients receive the safest and most effective care, HEART UK partnered with Onclick to design and develop a suite of interactive, mobile responsive elearning courses on a range of cholesterol-centred topics.

Based on trustworthy and evidence-based research, key learning topics included Lipid Management, Nutrition and Familial Hypercholesterolaemia, to name a few, with a continually growing online portfolio. Each module worked to support healthcare professionals to understand more about the diagnosis, treatment and management of cholesterol.

Onclick first created a bespoke, branded Adapt elearning template for rapid development of resources and consistent delivery.

Our content team then worked in close partnership with a range of subject experts under HEART UK to write and plan content around each key topic. The goal was to create bitesized interactive content with clear learning take-aways and a simple, consistent structure for ease of user navigation.

All graphics were custom-made in line with HEART UK’s brand guidelines, with suitable imagery sourced to reflect their online web presence.

Without a learning management system, we exported each Adapt module in HTML to publish on a dedicated training area of the charity’s website. Users following the courses would complete a survey monkey questionnaire at the end of their training to generate useful user data and download a generic PDF certificate.

We embedded Google Analytics tracking information in the header of the course, to ensure that page traffic could be further monitored by HEART UK in-house.

This is an ongoing project working to cement HEART UK as the authority on all cholesterol and other blood fat conditions and give health professionals the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver better, effective care.

User feedback

HEART UK are absolutely delighted to be working with Onclick for our Primary Care Education Programme. They are very creative, flexible, great to work with and have developed our education e-modules from a very complicated matter into broken down easy to understand bite size chunks. We have received fabulous feedback from our users. The best part is the impact the education is having to improve patient health outcomes.

Jules Payne
Chief Executive, HEART UK

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