Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable illness and premature death.

But did you know that smokers accessing support from trained stop smoking advisors are four times as likely to quit and remain quit than those trying to stop smoking without this support.

Onclick worked in partnership with West Sussex County Council to develop an Adapt-based Smoking Cessation package, to effectively train and support all Stop Smoking Advisors in the West Sussex region.

This was designed to guide users through the benefits of quitting smoking, tips and techniques to support their clients, pharmacotherapy interventions and guidance on data submission and invoicing.

Modules were delivered in a non-linear dashboard format, to allow ease of access to materials and encourage ongoing work-based learning.

These included:

  • Introduction to Stopping Smoking
  • The Benefits of Quitting Smoking
  • Pharmacotherapy Interventions
  • The Client Journey
  • Data Submission and Invoicing

This Smoking Cessation course now sits alongside other bespoke digital learning on a dedicated learning platform for West Sussex County Council’s Pubic Health team, including key topics on MECC (Making Every Contact Count) and NHS Health Check training.

This project has since been adapted for the use at Birmingham City Council, with branding, content customisation and signposting to local services.

If you are interested in developing a bespoke Smoking Cessation elearning course for your local authority or organisation, please get in touch for a demonstration of our work with West Sussex County Council.

User feedback

Complete overview of all facts needed to help encourage me to become more effective in smoking cessation appointments

Information laid out in a way I found it easy to absorb and retain

Visuals made it more engaging and helped retain information easier

As a smoker I found this most interesting and feel motivated to quit myself

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