Short-listed for ‘Excellence in Design’ at the Learning Technologies Awards 2022.

Brook has been at the forefront of providing sexual health and wellbeing support for young people for over 50 years.

Onclick are proud to be working in partnership with Brook in developing a suite of interactive digital learning resources, designed to support professionals working with young people to confidently deliver engaging sex and relationships education. These are all freely accessible via Brook Learn.

There’s no doubt that ‘Consent’ is a hot topic in many aspects of life at today. And teaching young people about consent equips them to have more safe, ethical and enjoyable sexual experiences.

Developed in Adapt for mobile responsive output, this project supports professionals to help young people to understand the law, the gender norms, stereotypes and cultural factors which may affect their ability to consent and supports them to communicate about consent with their partners.

This course is divided into five key modules:

  • The Meaning of Consent
  • Myths and the Law
  • Communicating Consent
  • Consent Scenarios
  • Offering Support and Help

Each module is presented in two portions; a ‘Learn It’ section, providing the user with interactive knowledge base; and ‘Teach It’ section, equipping professionals with everything they need to conduct a session on the subject.

With the use of scenarios key to put learning into context, we integrated brief animated and narrated stories to really bring the content to life. These were followed by a series of interactive questions to determine the presence of consent and raise helpful topics for discussion with students.

Initially part of a joint project with the University of Sussex, our Consent course has since been adapted for university students as part of a healthy induction to campus living.

User feedback

I now fully understand the importance of teaching students about consent

Excellent and really engaging

Brilliant content, great teaching materials

This topic is so important and I’m pleased that it’s online as I’m likely to revisit

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