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The Importance of Marketing Your Elearning

Producing exciting, design-led elearning is always our focus. We work closely with our clients to ensure the end result effectively translates their subject matter, engages the users and works perfect for the organisation’s unique needs.


How do we make sure that users find out about it and are just as excited to get enrolled and give it a go?

Based on our extensive team background in branding, marketing and PR, we want to be sure that our clients can effectively promote their course launch and encourage uptake in their organisation.

We have been regularly supporting clients to produce associated marketing materials to help with the promotion of their new products. This may be through print materials (such as flyers and posters), exhibition signage, demonstration videos, promotional animations, email signatures or website features.


By involving the designers of the digital learning itself, our clients can guarantee harmony and synergy between their elearning course and it’s promotional materials. This ensures a high quality, professional launch is presented to potential users. Remember that we already really understand your product inside-out, so we’re in the best position to outline it’s unique selling points. After all, marketing is just like learning – we just need to sell an idea and get people to engage with it.

Each client is unique in their promotional needs. We can work with you to identify the best approach for the specific course, target audience, timeframe and budget.


Onclick worked on an innovative elearning project on Information Governance with Cheshire East. This involved development of it’s own brand identity (SEEDS) and design of characters and an interactive game – making this somewhat dry subject a lot more fun!

At the launch of their course, we supported Cheshire East in designing and developing posters, flyers, banner stands for roadshows as well as a promotional video to explain what the course was about and how it worked.

Off the back of developing the SEEDS brand and campaign (integral to its success), Onclick were involved in creating additional brands for associated departments and workstreams. These needed to visually connect with the information governance resources, whilst promote a clean and professional identity. We have since created logos, brand guidelines, exhibition signage, print materials and email signatures for IADM and GPDPR.

Onclick were able to provide creative ideas and interpret our requirements concisely. This enabled us to develop the material quickly and deliver the elearning in an engaging way. With the added promotional items, we were able to record over 2000 successful user enrolments and completions within the first 3 months of launch. Our proud promotion has also got us recognised for two award notations; LGC “Category – Innovation” and iNetwork “Category – Information Sharing and Security” 

Keith Sutton, Programme Manager (Security), Cheshire East Council

We tasked Onclick to develop a brand for a leading Information and Data Programme which is delivering business change and transformation across the Authority. We knew that a strong, identifiable brand was key to our business change plans. Onclick provided the expertise and design knowledge to bring our ideas to life and we were extremely pleased with how Onclick were able to take our vision and create a brand which perfectly satisfies our requirements. The brand has been well received and has been showcased at a number of Roadshows, so much so that we are now due to extend it to support our General Data Protection Regulations delivery which is another significant business change piece across the Council.

Yasmin Somani, IADM Programme Manager, Cheshire East Council

Information Governance Poster
Information Governance Flyers

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