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West Sussex County Council Smoking Cessation

Following our popular Health Check Mentor elearning subscription service, supporting providers of NHS Health Checks, West Sussex County Council have led the way in developing a bespoke, complimentary elearning package for their Stop Smoking Advisors.

It explores the benefits of quitting smoking, tips and techniques to support clients, pharmacotherapy interventions and guidance on data submission and invoicing.

All modules have been developed in Adapt for a mobile responsive output, with many created around interactive dashboards for a non-linear learning experience and additional work-based resource.

What does the course consist of?

Module 1: Introduction to Stopping Smoking

Exploring the current prevalence of smoking and costs to society alongside the national ambitions to reduce rates.

Module 2: The Benefits of Quitting Smoking

An outline of the risks of smoking and the countless benefits of quitting.

Module 3: Pharmacotherapy Interventions

An interactive guide to NRT products, prescribed medication and e-cigarettes.

Module 4: The Client Journey

Exploring the full client experience, including demonstrations of consultations and effective behaviour change techniques.

Module 5: Data Submission and Invoicing

Detailing the data submission and invoicing processes for GPs, Pharmacies and the Wellbeing Hub across West Sussex.

Online Assessment, Feedback Form and Certification

Custom-built within Moodle for in-depth user activity reporting.

Customisation for your region

Although content has been specifically designed and developed for Stop Smoking Advisors across West Sussex, this project can be easily adapted and customised for other regions, with local-specific information and signposting.

Why not check out our demo video, showing clips of the package in action?

Fancy taking a closer look? Why not ask our team for a free 14-day trial access to the course via our Demo site?

Get in touch today to find out about developing your own, bespoke Smoking Cessation Elearning package for your region.

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Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation
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