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Benefits of Remote Learning

In this current Corona Crisis, it’s true that many of us are finding ourselves working remotely from home. It’s an unexpected challenge for us all to navigate, but sourcing alternative online options to continue our day-to-day lives with as much normality as possible is key.

Stimulating our minds with ongoing learning is fantastic for both our mental health and to improve our future productivity at work. So, why not embrace this time to really upskill your team?

With social distancing measures in place, traditional face to face training days are long gone. However, there are simple ways around this. Digital learning enables you and your workforce to continue learning from the comfort of your own home with many other benefits.

So let’s take a look at some of the pros to integrating more digital learning into your business:

1. Cost Effective

The cost effectiveness of remote learning is easy to see. No added expense of hiring conference facilities, proving lunch and refreshments or simply taking staff away from their jobs for full days at a time. Instead, you can just organise a group video chat through Skype or even convert existing training into elearning with free user access at times convenient to each staff member!

2. Greater Flexibility 

First thing in the morning, on your lunch break or even after office hours; digital learning enables us to dip in and out, at a time that suits the individual – even when working from home! Online training can be used in your own time and at your own pace, making it easier to fit around your daily routine.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Think about the amount of energy consumption that occurs when we travel between offices or to and from training facilities and venues. And then of course there’s all the wasted paper too.

The Open University found that elearning consumes 90% less energy than traditional courses. Plus, the amount of CO2 emissions (per student) is also reduced by up to 85%.

By looking into more remote forms of learning for our staff (now and in the future), we can all do our part in helping the environment, simply from learning in the comfort of our own homes.

4. Fewer Distractions

Do you find that you’re easily distracted by your office environment? Need quiet to get engrossed into your learning? Well, what better way to curb this than by learning from home?

Remote learning will increase your engagement and maximise your retention, enabling you to have greater performance levels whilst learning. By training in the comforts of your own environment, you’re able to give yourself regular coffee breaks (as and when needed) and not overload yourself too.

5. Save Time

Time is money. So, how much time do you dedicate to travelling to and from training venues and facilities? By learning from your own home workspace, you are rewarding yourself far more time to complete other projects and organise and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

6. Reduces Stress

Stress can have a huge impact on your learning capabilities. By working to your own timescale and routine relieves pressure that would otherwise be felt in a classroom or office environment. Having frequent breaks can also help put your mind at ease and allow you time to digest the information you have already taken in.

So you can see the many benefits of remote learning that can help support business, personal wellbeing and the environment. In this time of global crisis, remote learning can prove a life saver to individuals and organisations alike. Perhaps we will see a shift in the future to incorporate more of this approach to staff training?

If you would like support or advice in transforming some of your own face-to-face training into an interactive, digital solution for your staff, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and see how Onclick can help.

Stay safe!

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