Croydon IAPT came to Onclick looking ways to help promote their service via video content, both to clients and health professionals.

Their aim was to increase the number of self-referrals and improve GP awareness and knowledge of their service.

Working closely with staff at Croydon IAPT, we developed a series of promotional videos, taking viewers through the full journey of accessing and using their service.

In partnership with Leslie Rossouw (Service Lead), we developed a script that addressed all key aspects of the client process. Content was shaped by the common questions raised by clients about the service. These were later introduced via title screens to break up the video into bite-sized sections.

Getting the tone right was essential, to ensure the staff were marked as experts in their field, whilst also coming across friendly, caring and approachable to the viewer.

The final script was then shared across a selection of interviews from staff members in a variety of roles at Croydon IAPT. This acted as a good means to introduce potential clients to the team and reduce any possible anxiety in accessing the service.

We developed three initial separate videos as clear stages of the process:

1. Accessing Croydon IAPT

A welcome video to the service, detailing how to initially register and ensuring it’s the best solution for the client’s needs.

2. What should I expect from the first screening call?

A guided tour of the first screening call, what a client should expect to discuss, the next steps and alternative options where a waiting list is possible.

3. What happens when treatment starts?

An outline of what a client can expect from treatment and the various options available to them at the service.

Filming consisted of two full days; the first interviewing staff, the second filming cutaway shots that we mocked up in different settings around Croydon IAPT.

In postproduction, we designed and developed branded title screens, staff name captions and animated popups to pull out key information. We also integrated soft piano background music throughout each clip to create a positive and hopeful atmosphere.

These videos are being embedded into the Croydon IAPT website for both clients and health professionals. They will also be available for viewing via YouTube. We are soon to start filming stage 2 of the project, adding personal client story videos to the Croydon IAPT series.

You can view the full Croydon IAPT Playlist via our YouTube Channel

Screenshot from Croydon IAPT promotional videos about client counselling
Screenshot from Croydon IAPT promotional videos about group treatment and workshops
Screenshot from filming at Croydon IAPT for promotional videos about the mental health service
Onclick Testimonial

Onclick was professional and personal from the start, keeping to deadlines, communicating well, and delivering on time, whilst staying friendly, patient and kind throughout. We worked with Kat and Lester, two very kind and fun people, who clearly knew what they were doing and made the whole process much more comfortable and easy for us.

They understood what we wanted to portray about our service, and helped us achieve this. It’s so lovely to have something so professional and beautiful about our team! Onclick is definitely a company worth considering, and we are very thankful for the work they have done with us.

Leslie Rossouw

Croydon IAPT Service Lead