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The best bits from Learning Technologies 2020

The Onclick team attended this year’s Learning Technologies 2020 at London’s Excel, for inspiration and research. Here are some of our favourite finds…

EThink & Moodle Workplace

At Onclick, we use Moodle as the crux of our learning management systems for clients. We were excited to hear about the newly launched Moodle Workplace – a new version of the LMS that can be customised to the specific needs of your learners. Following a useful demo with EThink, we were thrilled to see a much more simplified and modern user interface, to enhance navigation and the overall user experience.

This will not be distributed in the same way as Moodle core, but instead is only available via Moodle Partners. Pricing will depend upon the level of hosting and other services required.

A standard Moodle site can be upgraded into Moodle Workplace. You can also use standard import and export functionality to move courses and content from your existing Moodle Site into Moodle Workplace.

So what does Moodle Workplace allows you to do?

  • Create and deliver workplace training, education and on-boarding
  • Share knowledge across your organisation and develop specific skill sets
  • Provide employees with a flexible and accessible training system from anywhere on any device
  • Customise your LMS to reflect and strengthen your company’s processes and structure
  • Maximise your learning and development strategy


We regularly utilise bespoke animation in our digital learning, which can be great for storytelling and explaining complex ideas and processes. As standard, we create everything from scratch within Adobe After Effects for a completely custom and branded end product.

Although customisation abilities were more limited within Vyond, we were really impressed by the speed of development and wide range of character assets for rapid-turnaround training. One particular feature that peaked our interest, was the automated syncing voiceover to character mouth movements – Genius!

Articulate Rise and Storyline 360

We are constantly intrigued to see how Articulate is developing. We love the simplicity of Rise, the clean finish and ease of build but are still disappointed in its limitations in creating bespoke design. For us, we find that Adapt continues to suit our custom needs for responsive development. As Mac users, we are still on the fence about committing to Windows Parallels to invest in this product.

Adobe Captivate

As Mac-based designers, Captivate is a software that we are extremely familiar with and use on a daily basis. It was interesting to get a chance to speak to their team, hear about the latest updates and also to see what other companies are using it to create through talks in the demo zones.

First Media

Gutted that we missed the talk from Shane Traill at First Media on ‘How to produce great elearning content’. Itching to see the examples of interactive design techniques they use! We love the work that this Lincolnshire-based creative agency produce. Their small agency, big ideas ethos always resonates with our own approach to digital learning and customer service. We feel that the bigger the companies get at LT2020, this vital connection and engagement with clients and users alike can be missed.

Looking forward to catching up with you at Word of Learning!

iAM Learning: Stand of the Day

A fun, innovative and memorable stand set around a campsite. It evoked memories of the rawest forms of storytelling; huddled up around a campfire.

iAM Learning is a training provider of bespoke and off-the-shelf, high-quality, engaging, colourful character led animation and video explainers.

What did LT2020 get us excited about?


“It got me thinking about further experimentation with animation techniques and implementation in courses. Specifically, lip syncing and further experimentation with duik and rubberhose.”


“Moodle Workplace looks very interesting. It’s a shame that it’s currently locked down to only Moodle Platinum Partners but the new user friendly UI and customisable reporting features are great steps forward.”


“I was disappointed not to see enough examples of work from other developers – I always relish getting inspiration from new and innovative digital learning designs.”


“Catching up with friends, colleagues and networking with new contacts. Hearing competitor costings for bespoke development only strengthened our USP for affordable high-quality, custom digital content.”

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